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Stories told through video about my adventures while traveling around the world.

Volcano Boarding on Cerro Negro, Leon, Nicaragua

Volcano boarding at Cerro Negro volcano.

Now this is something you don’t come across just anywhere.  It is one of the most exhilarating things I’ve ever done.  You spend 45 minutes walking to the top of this active volcano and then slide down on a board.

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The Osa Peninsula, Costa Rica


Well the map showed a road to Drake Bay on the Osa Peninsula and I found several hotels and even a dive shop online so I thought it must be an easy place to get to. Not so. This was

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The Sierra Madres Occidental


Here is a short video on my ride through the Sierra Madres Occidental in North Central Mexico.  It is a beautiful area and particularly fun to ride through with hundreds of kilometers of never ending curves.  A motorcyclist’s dream.  Hope

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Moroccan Beach – Soaking Up Some Culture

Here is a great example of experiencing a foreign culture. When traveling it just seems easier to let down your barriers and insecurities and just let it all hang loose. This video was taken on a Moroccan beach in July,

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Yosemite National Park (July, 2014)

A precursor to my journey around the world was a trip through the US Southwest in July, 2014. My friend Roy and I found ourselves hot and sweaty after a day of hiking. The river was just too enticing to

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