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I have been an avid traveler since my teenage years.  I have been to 37 countries, lived for extended periods of time in the US, Japan, and Canada, and taken over a hundred cruises.  But my travels have for the most part been business trips or short vacations.   I have often dreamed of really experiencing other countries, cultures, and peoples.  I have had a taste of that but now it is time to do it to the max.

I quit my job in July of 2014 and am now in the process of planning for my great, multi-year adventure to experience the world.  My goal is to visit every country (except the most dangerous of countries) and every continent on planet Earth.  I don’t have any timeline per se and will take each day as it comes.

One of my focuses will be on adventure.  I love all kinds of activities and sports and will be pushing myself to learn new ones along the way taking advantage of all our world has to offer.  I have a GoPro camera which I plan to make great use of and much of what you will find on this site will be what I hope turns out to be amazing adventures videos of terrific things to do and experience.  My hope is that you will find something that you just have to experience yourself and that it will motivate you to travel as well.  Travel brings better understanding among the world’s people and advances peace.

Nothing like the feeling of adventure.

Nothing like the feeling of adventure.

Another one of my focuses will be to serve the people and communities I am lucky enough in which I find myself through my ties with Rotary International.  As a long time Rotarian I look forward to meeting many Rotarians on my journeys and getting involved with their local efforts wherever possible.

Ecuador Project Fair - Nov. 2013

Ecuador Project Fair – Nov. 2013



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